Events: Downtown New Bern Art Walk – 11/8/19

We’ll be out at the Black Cat Shoppe tonight – Friday, 11/8/19 – for Downtown New Bern Art Walk. And you don’t want to miss this one because we are showcasing some *beautiful* varieties of crystal quartz from Arkansas. My dear friend Kaye dug these wonderful specimens herself and when she brought them to me, I could hardly believe what I was looking at: lemurians, record keepers, spirit quartz, generators, golden healers – the list goes on! Photos will be coming!

Also, I’ll have out my Desert Rose collection of jewelry and photographs. This collection is inspired from the beauty of Old Town Alburqueque, New Mexico. All photographs were taken by your’s truly, and all of the jewelry features gemstones from the Southwestern region of the United States. We even have a couple Gembone cabochon necklaces up for sale (that’s petrified dinosaur bone people!). See you out there!

All Love, Jen Prem

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